Exploring the Impact of Labels.

When I first pursued diagnosis
I was asked, why would you want a label?
So I sat them down and said
Why don't I tell a little fable?

A tale about a human
Described with many words
Terms like 'freak' and 'weirdo' 
Were just some of those they heard.

Phrases such as 'slowcoach'
Were even uttered from adults
And other terms like 'odd' and 'strange'
Made them feel at fault.

They were 'away with the fairies'
The lights were on 'but no one's home'
They 'just weren't trying to fit in'
No wonder they were alone.

They were 'over reacting'
They were 'a drama queen'
All because their struggles
Were unable to be seen.

They were 'just a worrier'
They were 'quiet and shy'
They 'had to learn to let things go'
And learn not to cry.

As the human reached adulthood
These labels didn't cease
Because when you reach adulthood
Feelings shouldn't be released.

The human struggled with employment
People thought that they were 'rude'
They struggled with enjoyment
They were 'picky with their food.'

They still struggled with friendships
They 'didn't seem too interested'
But they became 'a creepy stalker'
When they tried to be more invested.

Now I've shared the tale of this human
I hope that you'll agree
That those are far worse labels
Than autistic and ADHD’.

By Blogger @Neorodiversity Now

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