Removing the Mask - Moving Towards your True Authentic Self.

Blogger at ‘Girls Autistic Journey’ explores ways by which you can remove ‘your mask’ to show your true authentic self…

1. Respect and understand your sensory needs, making others aware of these needs. These feelings are real and valid.

2. Validate and accept your feelings, emotions allowing yourself to be honest and open about how you are feeling at that point in time.

3. Allow growth of your passion for certain interests, spending time doing what makes YOU happy not what you feel you should be doing.

4. Be open about the fact that’s it’s ok to be autistic, tell others about what being autistic is like for you, talk about all the good points. Connect with others that understand how you feel and allow you to be your true self with out judgment.

5. Consider what life demands you have, do you need all these demands and situations, it’s ok to say no and not do what others might ask you to do.

6. Know that all of this is a work in progress small steps add up and before you know it, you will have blossomed into your true authentic self.

None of this is easy and it does take lots of courage to allow your real self to be seen, always know that it’s never to late to allow yourself to find the real you!

By Blogger @Girls Autistic Journey.

A beautiful reflection on the impact of masking. To read more from this blogger please visit

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