Her Guardian Angel.

A Teenagers Reflection on her thoughts during meltdown and the boy who came to help!

She cowers under the touch of loved ones.

A face lost in a sea of people.

Afraid to stand out and speak her mind.

Nobody understands.

She feels so alone!

Why is it wrong to want someone to recognise her silent pleas for help?

Her head fills with dark thoughts.

Thoughts nobody should think.

Why am I different?

Why can’t I cope?

Is it better for me to give up?

As she silently cries in a pool of darkness an angel stretches out a hand.

A hope for tomorrow.

A simple ‘Are you okay?’

She looks to see a dear boy with worry etched across his face.

As she wipes away the hot tears that pierced her eyes, she no longer feels alone.

Through the darkness there stood her guardian angel,

Someone to look after her,

Someone to make her laugh,

Someone who understood her struggles.

As she opened up to this strange hero she felt like she was able.

Able to fight.

Able to cope.

Able to love.

She will never forget the Guardian Angel that saved her on that dark day.

Written by A.L.Sawyer.

(parental consent was given to publish this beautiful piece of writing).

Jessica Dark