Butterflies and Pebbles by S.C. Lourie.

S.C.Lourie writes beautiful reflections on life, love and the universe…

I fell in love with life again eight years ago when everything that I knew as my life broke down before me and falling on my behind to see the world anew changed me forever. I awoke from the dream and the real world outside of my projections, beliefs and ideals took my breath away. I've never got that breath back. I remain quietly breathless, in awe, deeply inspired by the simple wonders of it all, of you all and I am just so happy to be here. So happy to have the little life that I have. To occupy the tiny space in the universe I call my home. To dwell in the hearts of those that have moved my core forever. Simply and sweetly, to feel simple life flow through my veins, I am indeed blessed. And here I share the little wonders that flutter around me like butterflies showing me the beauty about and above my head or ground me deep into the soil of the earth like tiny pebbles, earthy and many in nature, revealing to me the marvel we are all a part of, that somehow surrounds us every day, but is just a touch of its entire existence that lives within us. The sweet and endless paradox of our being, of our existence, of our world, of our universe...some musings here blossom and I hope you will join me and share with me your own too. Here's to the unravelling of many smiles and our hearts singing through many a sigh.

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