Breathe Through The Bullshit by Brooke Hampton.

This week on Community Corner Brooke Hampton shares her no nonsense outlook on breathing through the bullshit!

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Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes we’re all bliss and magic, and sometimes we’re just fucking not. It’s okay!

You’re not doing something wrong, you’re just living life as a human and with that comes a lot of not-so-perfect moments. No-one is escaping this life without a little bit of ‘blah’, and anyone who is claiming to be all bliss and rainbows all the damn time is wholly and completely full of shit. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the beauty and breathe through the bullshit. 

Trust the ebb and flow of your life. 

Ride it out, baby. You’ve got this. 

-Brooke Hampton

To read more from Brooke please head to her Instagram and Website Barefoot Five!


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