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downloadable supports for all of your self-love, self-care and sensory-care needs!


Hygge Me resources

Hygge Me Academy is pleased to announce that we will be providing a growing selection of free and pay per download resources to help guide you on your journey of self-love, self-care and sensory-care.

Whether you are wanting to read about strategies that accompany one of our products or learn more about how your sensory system works. Hygge Me is dedicated to providing you with accessible information to help you explore your sensory self…

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adhd and autism advocacy resources

providing articles, strategies and supports specific to adult neurodiverse needs

adult ADHD & Autism supports

Hygge Me has teamed up with ADHD & Autism Advocacy to provide you with adult focused, condition specific, content. Whether you are considering an assessment or would like to find a specific strategy to meet a certain need, ADHD & Autism Advocacy will support you through this process with practical and accessible guides.

free and low cost downloads by Jessica Dark, creator of Hygge Me and ADHD & Autism Advocacy.

Download #1 - Adults Guide To Asking For An Autism Assessment

Considering asking for an autism assessment?

Worried that your GP will not listen to your concerns?

Don’t know where to start in writing a supporting letter for your autism referral request?

This is the first of many free and low cost resources for adults. This unofficial guide will support you to explain your experiences through a framework that supports the GP referral process.

This is not an official document nor is it to be used as a diagnostic tool. It is however a useful guide for adults considering an autism diagnosis or exploring their experiences of difference in relation to autism.

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

Pins with Purpose

Beautiful pins with a supportive message to ENHANCE your day

‘Creating Boundaries’ - This set encourages us to create more balance between work and play. We explore how to find our ‘flow’ as a way of loosing ourselves in what we love, whilst also remembering the importance of expressing what we need to others as an act of self-care.

‘I Need Space’ - Reminds us that we can not pour from an empty cup, whilst also exploring ways to support our transition from afternoon to evening in order to provide a better nights sleep.

‘Rainbow Reminders’ - Takes us on a journey down memory lane and encourages us to embrace childlike adventure whilst also reminding us that despite having difficult days, brighter tomorrow’s will always follow.

All Hygge me and adhd and autism advocacy articles are included in your calm package.

We are always looking for new articles and resources to add to our academy. Please email me today if you would like to have your article or resource considered - jessica@hyggeme.uk