Creating Our Sensory Strong Community!

Hygge Me was born in true synergistic fashion. My journey to this point has been far from easy. I have always felt different from my peers. Growing up I never quite understood why people acted in the ways that they did. This in turn made relating to other people and connecting with other people difficult. My answer to my own confusion was to escape to a world of fantasy. Instead of playing with toys I opted for running live snails up my legs and building hotels from twigs and leaves. This difference in relating to other people carried into my adult years but I have found ways to support myself in how I reach out and connect with others.

I am what is known to many as a ‘highly sensitive person’. What this means is my body reacts to the world around me in exaggerated fashion. I need time, connection and calm in order to feel happy in myself. I need different supports throughout my day in order to feel at ease within my body and relaxed within mind. Having a sensitive sensory system makes everything a little bit brighter and a little bit louder. I react differently to many to my environment. Touch and certain noises can bring moving pains down my arms. As I enter sensory overload my brain can feel like it’s swelling and my stomach can churn with anxiety. I cannot switch off these sensations from within my body, but the degree to which I experience sensory input fluctuates from day to day. This means that what can be tolerated one day may not be able to be tolerated the next. Sometimes experiencing the world in this way can be lonely, but I know there are many people who experience the world like I do.

I have always been happiest connecting with other people through a creative outlet. This is either through making up a song, writing reflections or poems, creating a collage or drawing. Creating through writing and art is my hand that reaches out when I find physical contact and socialising difficult. I like to reflect my world in a creative medium and then share with other people where possible. This is why I have created Community Corner. I believe that by sharing our experiences of being sensory sensitive, it will help other sensory sensitive community members to feel less alone!

I would love to share your creative outlets, writings, poems, art work and reflections with our community. This can be a new hobby or as a well established artist/author. I would also love to share your product recommendations, experiences of sensory and anxiety differences and supports and strategies that work for you. I believe it is now time for those of us who experience sensory differences, stress, anxiety and fatigue to join together and work as a community in supporting each other with techniques and products that work. Through Hygge Me I will share my own journey with you and I hope that together we can create a loving and strong, sensory supportive community,

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

Jessica DarkComment