5 Sensory Support Ideas for Christmas Shopping!

Managing my sensory needs throughout the Christmas period can be tough! The world around me takes a much busier pace; the Christmas decorations go up, repetitive Christmas songs start blaring from every shop, bar and restaurant and swarms of people take to the streets to shop for presents. 

As my external world gets busier so does my internal world. I find I have less tolerance for people and my susceptibility for sensory overload increases. I have learnt that in order for me to enjoy the Christmas period I need to increase the amount of self care that I do in order to keep my body calm and balanced. By thinking about what loving actions I could take to support myself I have made a list of sensory supports and considerations that you may also find useful when Christmas shopping.

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  • Make a Christmas shopping list. Shop online as much as possible and physically shop during work hours when it is quieter.

This support reduces a substantial amount of my anxiety, it allows me to shop quicker and it also helps me to spend less money because I am more planned in what I am buying.

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  • Use noise reducing/cancelling ear plugs!

You can buy ear plugs that are either noise cancelling; they block nearly all the noise or noise reducing earplugs; these filter the background noise whilst allowing you to respond to people around you. I liken ear plugs to my ability to control the outside worlds volume settings.

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  • Wear a tight fitting hat or hair band.

Not only does this help me to stay toasty and warm but it also helps to add a small level of pressure to my head which helps reduce feelings of anxiety.

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  • Make presents instead of buying from the shop.

There is something truly beautiful about receiving a thoughtful hand made gift and this may also reduce the amount of time you need to spend physically shopping.

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  • Take time to rest!

It is so easy to get swept away with the Christmas chaos and forget to take the time that you need to stop and rest your body. By remembering to stop, rest and breathe it can help you stay balanced throughout the day.

I find that by scheduling loving actions of self care throughout my day it helps me to stay happier, regulated and calmer for longer. 

For more sensory supportive tips and ideas follow our Hygge Me advent on Facebook and Instagram.

For more sensory supportive tips and ideas follow our Hygge Me advent on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas supportive blog and found its tips and suggestions helpful. Please keep visiting our website, Instagram page and Facebook group for more Christmas sensory support suggestions,

Love to your sensory self, Jess x x

Do you use any additional sensory supports when Christmas shopping? Please comment your ideas below to help other sensory sensitive community members over this Christmas period.

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