Together Lets Flood 2019 with Positivity and Promote Self-Love.

This New year I am ready to let go! I am ready to stop berating myself for my mistakes and my misunderstandings. I am ready to forgive myself for all of the times I haven’t looked after myself properly and I am ready to accept myself for exactly who I am. I want to believe that everyone deserves true, pure unconditional love and I want to take that belief and apply it to myself.

I am ready to look in the mirror and see the true me. I no longer want to hide my wobbles & imperfections berating myself for my inability to regulate my food and exercise. I would rather embrace myself for who I am and love my wobbles of mind and body because these are what make me who I am. My body is the vessel that has cradled me since birth, it is miraculous.

I want to let go of the hurtful words, looks and smirks that others placed before me, that I now drag at my feet as doubt. I want to replace them with words of love and achievement and believe to my inner core that my words trump theirs. I want to believe that I deserve true, pure unconditional love and I want to take that belief and apply it to myself every day.

Today on the verge of the new year I want to make a commitment to myself...

I promise to love you

I promise to care for you

I promise to nurture you

And I promise to do these things in both thought and action. I wish you all the love in the universe for 2019. We are our thoughts, we are our words- Let’s choose to use them responsibly.

Join me throughout January remembering self-love with a different motivational quote or reflection every day - Together lets flood 2019 with positivity and promote self-love,

Love to your sensory self, Jess x x

Jessica DarkComment