Avoiding Burnout Through Scheduled Rest Breaks

As a person with sensory sensitivities I find knowing my limits difficult to gauge. I have a tendency to keep on going at full pace until I crash. This is mainly because I find recognising the bodily signals that are associated with becoming tired difficult to pick up on until I am at the point of total exhaustion.

 I am not tired until I’m exhausted, I’m okay until I’m overwhelmed.

I would experience these dips in energy every four to six weeks, year after year until I become utterly fed up with this cycle of pushing myself to the point of crashing. I realised that I needed to find a better way!

After much thought around my own patterns of behaviour and reading about how my body operates under stress I came to the conclusion that if I couldn’t recognise when I needed to rest then I needed to schedule my rest time on a daily basis. This isn’t just a once a day meditation but consciously breaking, taking time for myself and reflecting on how I am feeling every couple of hours, throughout my day, everyday. This isn’t an easy feat for someone who is used to a faster pace of life but through incorporating the idea of rest throughout my day along with other regulation techniques it has stopped these crashes from happening so frequently.

Self-care comes in many forms but keeping ourselves balanced is a consistent action. Self-love isn’t the occasional treat, it is a daily effort that takes conscious care and planning. Everybody’s sensory systems are different and what works for one person may not work for another. But ideas for boosting your energy levels through self-care could include;

  •  A stroll on the beach

  • Spending time with those you love

  • A hot bubble bath

  • Expressing love to yourself through positive affirmation

  • Supporting yourself through a hobby

  • A nap

  • Meditation

  • Paint/draw/colour in

  • Write poetry

  • Exercise/sport

And remember - supporting yourself throughout the day with scheduled rest may be one of the most loving actions you can give yourself. It not only reduces the stress that you feel but it also prevents subsequent burn out from happening.

I hope you have found this article interesting. To read more messages of self-love and self-care please visit our message a day Christmas Advent,


Love to your sensory self, Jess x x

What do you do to avoid burnout? Please comment your ideas below to help other sensory sensitive community members.

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