I want to remember that ‘to try’ is enough!

Image: half eaten cake and spoon positioned to side with sugar bowl and latte on table

Image: half eaten cake and spoon positioned to side with sugar bowl and latte on table

There are many days when I do not want to do the loving actions that I know I need to do to keep myself healthy. Most of the time I want to reach for the most fattening thing in the cupboard and curl up in a blanket rather than face the outside world.

I am a sensory craver and I naturally seek comfort!

But those comfortable choices aren’t always the healthiest options for me. I understand that I need to find balance in my life between what I crave and what I need. When I have a sensory craving it is usually for sugary, carb filled snacks. When the idea of a snack enters my head, it doesn’t go away. It stays there for hours, for days, for weeks until I have fulfilled that need. I’m trying to learn through self-care and self love that I can give into to my cravings as long as I balance them with other loving actions throughout the day.

Cake isn’t too bad if I’ve also chosen to exercise that day and given myself plenty of positive, healthy sensory support and nourishing food as well.

I also want to learn to forgive myself for the unhealthy choices I’ve made in my life so far. I can’t re-write the past, but instead I can move forward by concentrating on making positive decisions from here on in.

Through supporting myself from a place of ultimate love I can start to grow and adopt new healthier ways. More than anything I no longer want to berate myself, I want to be patient with myself like I would be with a child. I want to recognise the effort that I put into every day and in doing so I can give myself that love and praise that I need to continue to make more and more loving choices. 

Every positive action
Every healthy choice 
Every time I break away from old habits and replace them with healthier ones…I will remind myself that I am choosing self-love.

I will remember ‘to try’ and that ‘to try’ is self-love and that ‘to try’ is enough!

Love to your sensory self, Jess x x

Jessica Dark