Reflections on personal growth!

Most of the time my days pass by without any great revelations - usually filled with the routine hum drum of home, children and work.

But every now and again…if I am lucky… I may be blessed with an ‘ah ha’ moment that promotes a change or opens my eyes to an area of growth that I’ve been avoiding for some time.

These moments usually occur from fleeting and rather ordinary events yet bring a major shift in my perspective and outlook on something that needs to change.

This week I had an ‘ah ha’ moment around self-love and self-care but it didn’t feel gentle like most of my reflections, it in fact felt more like a great big slap in the face!

With the Hygge Me product launch date getting closer and closer I have been grabbing food ‘on the go’ without much care or attention to how I am fuelling my body. On Monday I reached my local shopping centre and I saw a homeless man sat outside hunched in a corner. On this occasion I thought I would buy him a meal as I purchased my own so as part of my shop I grabbed all of his and my items and headed to the checkout.

On leaving the shopping centre the homeless man was no longer there…I searched around the sides of the building in case he had moved, but he had completely gone… leaving me to head home with both his and my lunch.

As I get home I empty the contents of my shopping onto the table and I look at my choices for both me and the homeless man…

and then I had that ‘aha’ moment!

I had unconsciously grabbed my own lunch of sandwich, crisps and soda…no thought was put into it…it was automatic. But for the homeless man I had taken some thought and care. I initially thought about his need for vitamin C and potassium so satsumas and bananas were bought. I then made sure I picked a sandwich with chicken breast so he had plenty of protein and a large bottle of water to help him stay hydrated.

It then dawned on me that I was willing to put care, love and conscious choice into a mans lunch that I had never met yet had grabbed myself an ‘anything will do’ lunch with no thought to my own nutritional need.

In that moment I realised that something needed to change!

Meeting that man outside the shopping centre this week has made me reevaluate my own supports and how I view myself and my body. It has made me question why I show more loving action to other people but I am happy to neglect my own glaring need for better nutrition and exercise.

It made me think about how I can break free from old patterns of behaviour and step into a healthier lifestyle and what actions may be needed to support this change.

When I am just about to make a personal change I liken it to sitting on the edge of a cliff…my heart races…I have adrenaline pumping through my body…I am simultaneously excited and full of dread…

and it is scary!

But I know that in recognising myself in that moment it has helped to bring my awareness to the food choices that I make and motivate me to bring more conscious thought into what I choose in future.

Whatever your main personal challenge is at this moment - remember that the smallest of steps towards loving actions can start you on that journey of personal change and development.

You are never alone in this…there are hundreds of people on the same journey as you also trying to take that very first step!

Have you had an ‘ah ha’ moment recently?

Please share your experiences with our community in the comments below, I look forward to reading them,

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

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