Hygge Me Calm and the Power of Scent

With Hygge Me Calm products now selected I will be writing a blog a week and introducing the products in turn in the order they were selected. Every item in Hygge Me Calm not only comes from a place of researched strategy but they are all very much selected because I use them within my day to day sensory supports. By sharing how I use the products and the benefits I gain in my day to day I offer advise on how to use it as a regulation routine to gain the most benefits when using from a sensory supportive perspective.

Harnessing the benefits of natural aromatherapy blends was something that I had considered for a long time prior to purchasing my first spray. There were just so many scents to choose from, from the energising zing of citrus fruit through though to the musky grounding effects of ravensara. With hundreds of different combinations available it left me confused as to which one to try. I was also initially apprehensive about aromatherapy supports due to my heightened sensory sensitivities. I can become overwhelmed by certain scents and thoroughly enjoy others - making me unsure as to what works best for me.  

I figured that the key to me finding out what I liked was by a process of exploration. This is what initial drew me to the unique aromatherapy blends that Laura had created at Spritz - Wellness London. Her beautiful selection of naturally hand blended aromatherapy sprays were a novel way of exploring different scents. Her travel kit offered a selection of different aroma experiences form light energising fragrance to grounding, earthy tones all designed to support well being at different times throughout the day. I liked the way that Laura talked through her products and it was evident that they are very much her own creation of personal love of aromatherapy blends.

Like all new supports it was beneficial for me to explore what worked for me at a slow pace. For instance; I already had a preference to citrus scents over earthy tones. So, I started with a smell that I was familiar with and suspected I would like. I had to practice with the scents first in a playful way until I was ready to choose one to use within my day to day relaxation. I choose to start with the spray Laura named ‘Revive’. I made myself a quiet, comfortable place to rest, shook the bottle thoroughly (these are natural hand blends that need to be mixed well), and sprayed 1-2 squirts to experience the aroma. I then took some time to breathe deeply into the scents. As I did this I was able to start to detect the different layers of scent that come through the spray at different times, the cloud of mint hits me first, clearing my thoughts with the grapefruit undertones comforting me like a warm summer’s day. I allowed my imagination to flow as provoked by the scent whilst my controlled breathing supported my body to a place of calm.  

spritz lavender.jpg

Every scent in the Spritz-Wellness travel kit fills me with a unique experience, some calming, others energising and some I choose to experience on a less frequent basis or when the mood takes me for a change. The key for me was that through the process of exploring something new I was better able to know what I wanted to include in my day as part of a sensory-care routine and I was better aware of the types of scents I enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your spritz-kit when purchasing Hygge Me Calm, they truly are beautiful and will add a unique sensory experience to your relaxation routine!

Every week I will introduce one product from the five product package and explain a little about the unique sensory experiences they bring and how I came to choose them,

Love to your sensory self, 

Jess x x  

Jessica Dark