Supporting Sensory and Anxiety responses with Stim Supports!

Hygge Me is set to have a stimtastic July!

Do you flick, pick, rock and tap to concentrate, soothe or calm your body throughout your day? If you answered YES then you are not alone. This is known as stimming and it is a regulatory behaviour regarded within the sensory community as something to be supported nurtured and encouraged.

But what about when the very thing that supports you, also causes you pain over time?

This is very common amongst skin pickers and nail biters and it is also something that can be supported by providing yourself with an alternative stim tool to address the same need but without the added discomfort.

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Many of us sensory peeps are prone to using our hands as a way of regulating and easing anxiety. It serves a purpose to calm but it can also cause us to become sore and sometimes even bleed.

Just one of the reasons why Hygge Me is offering you the sensory Spinning Focus and Fidget Ring as an alternative stim support.

By replacing your current nail biting with a Spin Ring, Feather Necklace or Moh-Doh it can support your need to fiddle and pick without the soreness that nail picking and biting brings. By providing yourself with alternative supports, you allow more opportunities to stim, regulate and relax throughout your day.

Another way to bring more stim to your day is to ‘wear your stim’

I am sure we have all experienced those busy days where we forget to pack the supports that we need, and typically it is on those days that we need the supports the most.

This is why wearing your stim can really help…by attaching a key chain to your bag or by wearing a piece of chewlery or spin ring, you are always providing yourself with a stim support that helps the regulation process and in turn you are always ready to support calm, focus and relaxation when needed, bringing more hygge to your day-to-day.

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Product previews – In order to bring more stim opportunities to your everyday this July 2019 Hygge Me will be stocking additional fidgets and bracelets to increase the variety of stim products available.  This will include the very cool industrial spin keychain and the beautiful magnetic haematite rainbow bracelet, plus a new range of chewlery bangles for those of us that like to chew.

To get 15% off our newest products when they launch next month, use the discount code STIMTASTIC15 (valid from 1st July – 31st July)

Please email me to say ‘hi’ I always love community feedback and I will answer as many questions as possible regarding the products and services available at Hygge Me.


Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

Hygge Me offers Sensory Support Packages and Community Coaching to help you to find the best sensory and anxiety supports for you. Bringing more opportunities for hygge to your everyday!

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