Exploring Proprioception Support!

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Introducing the Hygge Me Balance Roller, a four-speed muscle roller that brings proprioception and deep pressure support to your every-day sensory-care routine.

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Reduce feelings of restlessness and relieve aching muscles. The balance muscle roller will help to relieve tension and bring more opportunities for calm throughout your day - Our best proprioception support yet!

What is proprioception?

Proprioception refers to the part of our sensory system that responds to force and pressure. It helps us to interpret sensory stimulus within our surroundings through receptors in our inner ear and the stretch receptors in our muscles and ligaments. It also allows us to move our arms and legs without having to look directly at them, enabling us to know where our body is in relation to our environment. When we have difficulties with proprioception our sensory system can become confused and it can impact our movements and coordination.

People may experience some of these difficulties if they need support with their proprioception senses:

·         Fall over and/or are clumsy (especially with hand/eye coordination activities).

·         May misjudge the amount of force needed for tasks (as a result may drop items when carrying).

·         May find sitting at a desk difficult (may slump or rest head on hand).

·         May find their hand aches when writing (due to applying too much pressure).

·         May become overwhelmed by too much sensory stimulus.


Using deep pressure supports can help regulate our sensory system, bring more opportunities for calm within our day and improve our balance and coordination.

What is deep pressure support?

‘Deep pressure’ refers to exercises and activities that place a level of pressure on our body’s muscles in order to wake them up and/or stretch them. This could be in the form of a weighted blanket that targets a ‘hug like’ response in your body or the use of stretch exercises and a muscle roller such as the Hygge Me Balance Roller. Supports such as the muscle roller can target specific areas within your body and relieve tension as well as assist proprioception and regulation.

Calming effects of deep pressure!

Due to the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin many people report these types of exercises can be very calming and relaxing. Deep pressure is used to calm your body at times of stress, but it can also be used to wake your body up at times of low energy, making proprioception support the ‘go to’ regulatory support throughout your day.

Hygge Me helps you explore the sensory supports to create a routine to promote sensory regulation and reduce anxiety, Please do not hesitate in contacting me on jessica@hyggeme.uk to ask questions about how Hygge Me can support you.


Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

Other ways you can bring proprioception to your every-day self-care routine:

Manipulating a dough or theraputty such as Moh-Doh Calm and oral supports such as chew necklaces or bracelets:

Jessica Dark