Creating A Hygge Nook

Exploring your sensory self takes time, patience and persistence. Finding the supports that work for you is also a trial and error process which in turn can leave you feeling exhausted. With the crisp autumnal weather fast approaching, creating a comfy hygge nook in your home may be an awesome sensory solution to promote more rest and relaxation in your days.

No matter how tired, exhausted or run down you are feeling, it is always good to keep a tiny corner of your house or room dedicated to your self-care needs. This could be a self-care station that has the supports you use at home or even some instructions written to yourself on the tings you could try depending on your mood.

You could also consider having a set relaxation routine that you do every day, which could include things like…

  • Guided meditation

  • Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Self-massage

  • Proprioception supports/deep pressure

The supports you choose and how you implement them are down to you but by having a dedicated space for relaxation, no matter how run down you are feeling you know that you have a corner sanctuary to escape too. The following suggestions will help to guide you in the things you may like to consider for your own Hygge Nook. Once you start using your nook on a daily basis you will wonder how you ever lived without one.



Lighting is so incredibly important…too much and it can cause headaches, too little and you cant see what you are doing - Having natural light from candles or a dim-able switch on your lamp can support your need for natural/reduced light and help you to create the relaxation environment that works best for you.


To some comfort may be lying on a cold stone floor…to others it may be wrapped in the fluffiest blanket you have ever seen. This is to remind you to include the items that bring you comfort, think about the textures in your hygge nook and the colours you use that bring the beauty to your calm space. This will become your ultimate area for relaxation and whether that it a mat on a floor or a cushioned area full of blankets it should be full of the things you enjoy.


Bringing scent to your nook can be done in many ways, either through scented candles or a spritz of your aromatherapy spray. Scent in itself can calm the areas of your brain associated with anxiety and also support more frequent experiences of calm and relaxation. You may also like to think about providing yourself different textures within your nook and also different supports that promote the relaxation process. This could be having contrasts in texture such as rough and smooth, this could be having contrasts in taste either warm and sharp; such as warm water with sliced lemon or direct opposites (my favourite) alternatively warm and cold through providing yourself with a warm drink and a cup of ice. There are many ways to entice your senses and your nook to the ultimate way to indulge these.


Having a hygge nook is no good unless you use it!

Creating a routine around your self-care can help you to make relaxation as part of your daily routine. Waking 20 minutes earlier to enable a gradual wake up with self-care treats can help support how you ease into your day ahead….alternatively (or as well as) the same when returning home at the end of the day can ease the transition from work to home to bring your head and body to a place of relaxation and calm.

Please share your experiences of creating a hygge nook. What worked well for you? Send your hygge nook pictures to

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

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