pins with purpose

these are no ordinary pins!

Each pin is accompanied by an article relating to it’s message. Whether it is a reminder of self-love or a strategy that reduces anxiety, Pins with Purpose will spark ideas on ways to support self-love, self-care and sensory-care in your every-day!

Our current loving messages include…

‘Creating Boundaries’ - This set encourages us to create more balance between work and play. We explore how to find our ‘flow’ as a way of loosing ourselves in what we love, whilst also remembering the importance of expressing what we need to others as an act of self-care.

‘Rainbow Reminders’ - Takes us on a journey down memory lane and encourages us to embrace childlike adventure whilst also reminding us that despite having difficult days, brighter tomorrow’s will always follow.

‘I Need Space’ - Reminds us that we can not pour from an empty cup as well as explores ways to support our transition from afternoon to evening for a better nights sleep.

In addition to our ‘Pins with Purpose’ we also have a selection of pins from UK designer Sarah Frances - These beautiful elegant designs are the perfect self-love reminder and look awesome pinned to jackets, bags or tops.