Feather Pink Chewie Necklace

Feather Pink Chewie Necklace


The feather has been thought to symbolise the connection between our mind, body and spirit.

The ‘Feather Necklace’’ is the ultimate solution for ‘on the go’ oral and focus sensory supports. This pretty pink design looks great, whilst the mix of wooden and silicone beads make a useful regulation and focus support.


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This necklace is intended for teen and adult use. It contains food grade silicone and is BPA Free. This product is not suitable for small children as the beads could acct as choking hazard. The necklace comes in an extra long length so it is easily manipulated by your hand as a fiddle support. Should you wish to shorten the necklace , feed the fabric chain through the clasp, cutting to the desired length and tying in a knot. This will ensure that the necklaces will be at the ultimate length for you .