Moh-Doh Calm - Aromatherapy Infused Dough

Moh-Doh Calm - Aromatherapy Infused Dough


Moh-Doh is a mouldable aromatherapy dough containing 4 essential oils; Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Lavender. ‘Calm’ helps you to unravel your mind and body through providing a crisp clean scent whilst supporting proprioceptive feedback through the manipulation of the dry textured dough.

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Mohdoh will last approximately 3 months after opening!

Care instructions - Please ensure that you place your dough back into its container with the lid fastened tightly. Mohdoh is best stored in a dark cool area away from direct sunlight.

Gift packaging available - Should you wish for your Moh-Doh to be delivered in a gift bag please add this option for £1.00.