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 welcome to hygge me calm

Hygge Me Calm supports you to explore supports for your sensory processing differences and anxiety!

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Hygge Me Calm provides the perfect balance of beautiful products and informative articles to guide you on a journey of self-love, self-care and sensory-care!

Whether a gift to yourself or a present for a loved one, Hygge Me Calm is beautifully packaged to promote the experience of hygge from first opening…

Customer review:

‘‘Rebekah absolutely LOVED her Hygge pack... she opened it this morning with her other birthday goodies, and had so much fun trying everything out... the quality of everything is WAY higher than my already high expectations... just gorgeous... can't wait to order a set for myself now! Thanks so much for putting together such a treasure trove of treats 💜💜💜’’

Sarah C Jones, UK

Included in the hygge me calm…


Informative articles

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Log in with the code provided to find five supportive articles with an additional article added every month…

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Articles include:

Welcome Page - Welcome to Hygge Me Calm, product information and a step by step instruction guide for registering for our Facebook Group.

What does it Mean to be Sensory Sensitive? - An introduction into sensory processing differences, with a focus on olfactory and proprioceptive senses.

A Quick Look at Stress Responses - This article explains what our autonomic response to stress are and why we have them.

Self-Love Self-Care, Sensory-Care - Takes you through a sensory support routine from morning until night. It includes suggestions, strategies and supportive techniques you could use as part of your daily sensory routine.

Exploring What Works For You - Through questions and examples this article helps you to reflect on the types of supports you may benefit from and suggests ways by which you can start implementing them in a daily sensory routine..

plus Five beautiful sensory supports

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Explore the use of aromatherapy infused putty to bring additional calming opportunities to your day. Whilst embracing your Eco-straw and tumbler set as a way of regulating your sensory system.

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Use your spritz-sprays to heighten your senses as part of your supportive daily routine. Wake you up…calm you down…there is a spray to support you at every point throughout your day.