What Does it Mean to be Sensory Sensitive?

Hygge Me supports sensory integration through products, training and personal coaching services. As of February 2020 we will be offering workshops on a range of strategies and support and from May 2020 we will be offering a sensory profiling and coaching support service so watch this space…This article aims to give you an insight into the types of sensory supports available at Hygge Me.

Our senses help us to explore the world around us, they are the means by which we process the light/sights and sounds within our everyday. They are responsible for how we recognise our internal needs, such as emotions and hunger and they are also responsible for how we process our environment; visually with our eyes and proprioceptively through our body.

Our senses bring us immense joy and they are responsible for some of our happiest moments. It is our senses that help us create happiness and hygge within our lives, share connection with friends and bring depth and colour to how we experience our world.

Without these senses there would be no colour, scent or sound - life would be dull!

For those of us who are sensory sensitive the way that the sensory information is communicated in our body causes differences to how we process and in turn perceive the world around us. Rather than our senses being processed in a ‘typical’ way they are instead experienced through a fluctuation of intensity and confused communication. This can cause heightened responses to our surroundings and we can find certain situations too intense.

We may avoid certain sensory experiences because they cause us discomfort and/or pain. We may also seek unhelpful sensory experiences because they bring us comfort and/or assist regulation. For many of us the world can become overwhelming, leaving the very thing that brings us so much joy the same thing that stops us from accessing the life experiences that we want to participate in - In turn limiting how we enjoy the world.

Realising that we are sensory sensitive in our late teens or as an adult can cause us to feel many emotions. When recognising my sensory sensitivities in my 30’s after these differences were identified in my children, I felt alone, confused and without sight of how to adjust to the world around me. More than anything I wanted peace from the bombardment of rapid thinking, fatigue and exhaustion that sensory processing was causing me.

When faced with the realisation that we are sensory sensitive we have two choices!

1) We can remove or avoid the situations that causes us the discomfort. Closing down our experiences to what we feel most comfortable with.


2) We can create supports and adaptions that work for us so that we can comfortably do all the things that we would like to do within our life.

By choosing a sensory support package such as Hygge Me Calm or Hygge Me Coaching you are demonstrating that you are at the point of action to support yourself within the regulation of your sensory needs.

The Hygge Me Packages are designed to support your ‘at home’ sensory regulation needs but it is recognised that your sensory supports need to extend to all areas of your day and therefore throughout the day suggestions have been given where appropriate. The supports provided are far from an exhaustive list and as Hygge Me grows additional support packages will be launched to support your other regulation needs such as travel, work and study.

Current packages available include:

all of the products within these packages have been chosen to support you with….

    • Feeling calmer/happier/more emotionally balanced.

    • Improved balance/body and spatial awareness

    • Oral feedback

    • Decreased anxiety/stress

    • Proprioceptive support

    • Improved sleep

Like anything new, it takes time to create a new sensory routine but by using Hygge Me supports regularly and making them part of your day to day life, you will benefit from the increased feelings of calm and feel more empowered to support yourself when difficult situations arise.

Coming Soon…

Hygge Me Workshops and Webinars

From February 2020 we will be planning five workshops that will provide you with information on why we experience sensory processing differences and anxiety as well as some useful supports and strategies to use to bring more calm, relaxation and connection into your day.

Hygge Me sensory profiling and Coaching Service

From May 2020 Hygge Me will be offering a sensory profiling and coaching service to help you identify the sensory supports unique to you and guide you through a journey of exploration with the aim of developing an implementable sensory support routine. I hope you have enjoyed this article and I welcome questions so please do not hesitate to email me at jessica@hyggeme.uk and I will be happy to help,

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x

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