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creating hygge through sensory self-care…

Whether you are shopping for a Christmas pressie, thank you gift, or a birthday present for a loved one, each gift provides luxury sensory supports that promote self-love, self-care and sensory-care! All gift sets are hand wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a ‘With Love’ or ‘Thank You’ sticker. They also come with a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ card included so please stipulate which you would prefer on checkout.

Relax and Unwind aroma-care

the Ultimate Aromatherapy Gift set

Relax and Unwind Aromatherapy Gift Set - £65

This beautiful aromatherapy set comes complete with Spritz-Wellness aromatherapy travel set, a beautiful classic Liberty print eye-pillow (one supplied, choice of three colours) and a Sarah Frances self-care pin (one supplied). All of which is wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with either a ‘with love’ or ‘thank you’ sticker.

Beautiful Liberty Print Eye-Pillow in a vibrant ‘CAESAR BLUE’ filled with dried lavender and chamomile to promote calm and relaxation. They are gently weighted with buckwheat hull and linseed to allow the pillow to contour to the eyes and forehead and can be heated or cooled to provide sensory support or muscle pain relief.

The Spritz-Wellness Aromatherapy Travel Set brings relaxation to your every-day. Presented in a beautiful travel case with a reminder that "NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST", these mists will wake you up, calm you down and assist relaxation from morning until night.

Sarah Frances Pins are a wearable reminder that self-care is not only necessary but essential for continued calm and well-being (one supplied).

Smoothie sensory-care Set

supporting regulation with a sensory supportive smoothie set

Smoothie sensory-care gift Set - £20

Whether a gift for yourself or for a loved one, this Summer Smoothie Self-Care Set is the ultimate regulation support. Complete with an Eco-friendly bamboo drinks container, steel drinking straw set, a Sarah Frances self-care pin (one supplied) and the Green Drinks recipe book, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a ‘thank you’ or ‘with love’ sticker.

Create your own hygge pack

Create your own unique combination of sensory supports and RECEIVE 15% off orders over £50.

Customer review:

‘‘Rebekah absolutely LOVED her Hygge pack... she opened it this morning with her other birthday goodies, and had so much fun trying everything out... the quality of everything is WAY higher than my already high expectations... just gorgeous... can't wait to order a set for myself now! Thanks so much for putting together such a treasure trove of treats 💜💜💜’’

Sarah C Jones, UK

Explore the benefits of aromatherapy infused putty to bring additional opportunities for calm within your day.

Use your spritz-sprays to heighten your senses as part of your supportive self-care relaxation routine. Wake you up…calm you down…there is a spray to support you at every point throughout your day.

spend over £50 on your unique combination of sensory goodies and receive 15% off your purchase, plus your order will be wrapped in tissue paper with either a free Christmas, Thank you or Birthday card included.

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Love to your sensory self, Jess x x

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