An image of a laptop and a cup of tea to symbolise the operations and business procedures at Hygge Me Global.

An image of a laptop and a cup of tea to symbolise the operations and business procedures at Hygge Me Global.

Hygge Me Global is committed to providing you with beautiful quality products that are honestly priced and packaged with love, care and attention.

Whether a present to yourself or a gift for a loved one, we want you to experience the benefits of hygge from your very first opening.

We want to make your shopping experience with Hygge Me is as enjoyable, supportive and pleasurable as possible so please do not hesitate to contact us on helpme@hyggeme.uk with any questions, queries or concerns.

Love to your sensory self,

Jess x x


‘BUSINESS stuff’

Hygge Me Global Ltd

The name ‘Hygge Me’ and pro-nouns used in place of this such as ‘we', ‘us’, ‘I’ etc. are in fact referring to the registered company ‘Hygge Me Global Ltd’ which owns and operates from the domain www.hyggeme.uk and all linked domains and sub domains that forward to this address including www.hyggeme.global and www.sensorysupport.uk.

All sections of this website including community areas are also owned by Hygge Me Global Ltd although blogs published from community members within ‘Community Corner’ and ‘blog’ areas are independent from Hygge Me in their views and values. Please contact the author of the blog, article or review should you wish to discuss their content further.

Data protection

Hygge Me Global abides by the UK Data Protection Act 2018 rules and regulations. Please use the following link for a copy of these - https://www.gov.uk/data-protection

intellectual property

Hygge Me Calm products are selected so that when combined they provide added therapeutic value to our customers. Hygge Me Global Ltd does not give permission for you to use any of any brand names, product package names or package designs for commercial use. Nor do we give you permission to replicate the combinations of products selected by Hygge Me Global as this is in direct breach of our therapeutic design. Should you be in breach of our intellectual property rights, legal action will be sort!

Business Ownership

Hygge Me Global Ltd is owned by Jessica Dark

Company registration - 11864032

Company registered address - 221 Purbrook Way, Havant, P09 3RU

‘product & service info’

Product Information & Specifications

We try to list all product information and specifications as accurately as possible but fundamentally they are just a guide for your reference. We can not be held responsible for any errors, omissions or dependencies with our product descriptions but we are interested in your feedback should you feel that an item requires additional information so please email should you like an additional specification listed.

website and product images

All images are subject to copyright otherwise specified. All product images aim to be as representative of the products provided as possible. Due to the awesome invention of filters on occasion the colour shown on your screen may be a shade lighter or darker than the product you receive - we apologise for this in advance and it is in no way a purposeful deception (we just want to make the pictures as pretty as possible). We also reserve the right to change the manufacturer of the product at any point in the promotion which may show some minor variations to what is advertised. We try to keep changes to our manufacturers to a minimum and should there be deemed a greater variation than minor details we will communicate this to our customers. If you are not satisfied with the colour of your purchase please contact us on jessica@hyggeme.uk whereby we will do our utmost to resolve any representational dependencies.

Right to remove and discontinue existing ranges prior to advertised date

Hygge Me has the right to remove its product packages, individually listed products, website services and associated social media groups prior to the advertised availability without prior notice.

right to remove and discontinue services to individual customers without prior notice or REIMBURSEMENT

We want to build a loving supportive community where people’s views are respected. We also understand that community groups can disagree but this is never an excuses to be rude or threatening towards Hygge Me, another customer or community contributor. Therefore we reserve the right to instantly withdraw all of our services from individuals who demonstrate rude, disrespectful or violent/threatening behaviours without written warning and without any reimbursement of services paid for.

Please just be nice to each other!

Product availability

Sometimes items will not be available and will show available in our shop. This is likely due to clerical error. Should you purchase an item listed as available and it is not available a refund or the option to pre-order the item for next delivery offered.

Some items may be available for pre-order - all pre-ordered items will aim to be dispatched at the earliest opportunity after they are back in stock. We try to prioritise pre-orders over subsequent orders where possible. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the manufacturing and logistics processes any estimated ‘back in stock’ dates may be subject to change.

‘operations and things’


At Hygge Me we operate an honest pricing policy. This means that all items are priced using whole British pounds inclusive of VAT and delivery. Should you be shopping outside of the UK there are options for you to select alternative currency for your convenience. This is an estimate only and your total amount may vary depending on the exchange rate and mode of check out selected. Unfortunately, our inclusive delivery and tax only extends to our UK customers. Therefore our shoppers from outside of the UK are responsible for their own countries taxes and local charges.


All Hygge Me products are listed inclusive of delivery charges to the UK unless stated otherwise. Delivery charges outside of the UK vary from country to country. Not all items are available for worldwide delivery but this will be stipulated on the item listing.


Damaged goods are to be sent to the return address whereby the replacement item will be sent back to you at the earliest opportunity. The customer is responsible for the cost of the return item, although the new replacement item will be sent out to you free of charge and your standard class delivery charge will be refunded. Should you choose to send the returned item by another delivery method or select a more expensive service then this delivery charge will not be refunded. All items must be returned with a copy of you purchase otherwise the replacement will not be fulfilled.

In the eventuality that the returned item has been discontinued then a full refund will be given unless that item is part of a kit. Items that are part of a kit can not be refunded at the individual item price although a credit note may be issued to some customers as a gesture of good will (although this is not guaranteed and it is determined on an individual customer basis).

In the eventuality that you have changed your mind on your purchase, please return your unused, unopened items within 30 days of delivery date along with a copy of your receipt to -

Hygge Me Global

8 Hamilton Road




Customers are responsible for the postage costs of their returned items. Hygge Me Global reserves the right to not refund returned items that have been tampered with, used or damaged. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the items are packaged well so not to be damaged in transit on their return.

Please see section ‘Delivery and Returns’ for further information.